Carpet cleaning services for your home and office.

Your carpet is part of the investment you have made in your home. And in order to protect your investment, you must maintain it in good condition.

Our carpet cleaning methods are safe and effective for carpets of all kinds.

We stick to using non-toxic cleaning detergents that are safe for your home, your pets, and your family. Studies show the condition of your carpet can greatly impact one's health.

Build up from foot traffic can be easily removed with a deep carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming your carpet at least twice a week and having your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year can extend the life of your carpet. Depending how much traffic your carpet is exposed to, you may require more frequent cleanings.

Our Process

1. Vacuuming

This removes all the fine dust particles that are deep in the carpet fiber. (Vacuuming is an add-on).

2. Pre-treatment

This treatment makes removing soil easier using special products that break down the soil in difficult to clean areas.

3. Pre-spotting

This steps involves applying spotting agents that work on spots while not altering color or damage carpet fiber.

4. Agitation

This process allows the cleaning agents and products to evenly distribute in order to increase the cleaning effectiveness.

5. Rinsing

The rinse at the end of the cleaning is important in order to avoid soap residue since residue attracts soil.

Optional Add-ons

Grooming, to remove wand or foot marks. Scotch Guard, to prevent staining.

No hidden fees, or cancellation fees.

20+ years of experience in carpet cleaning.

We only high quality cleaning machines.

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